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Dear Rabbi Heber,
Thank you so much for your help and kindness. your concern for my son's physical & spiritual wellbeing meant a lot to me.

Thanks again,

Amara W.

Dear Rabbi Heber,
Thank you for a beautiful Bris for our Son.
We felt very comfortable with you and appreciated (greatly) your "TLC" to our son, after the Bris.


Yardena & Glen

Dear Rabbi Levi Y. Heber

We wanted to thank you for the amazing bris ceremony that you perform for our son “Ariel Chaim” last week

It was a pleasure to see you very calm during the bris, while every body was nervous, Somebody even came to me and told me while you ware holding the baby that you look like the most calm person in this place,

I’m sure that if the baby could talk he would come to thank you by him self for doing the bris very neat and quickly and that way he wasn’t in pain.

Today almost one week from the bris, it look’s nice, healthy and looks like somebody perform such of good work.

Thank you

And Shana Tova,

Ronen and Ilana Tzur

Rabbi Heber,

Thank you so much for making the trip to Omaha to perform Tommy’s bris. I have received so many calls telling me it was the most beautiful, meaningful ceremony they had ever been to. Of course it was for us!

Tommy has healed perfectly.
Thank you again.


Louri & Charlie S.

Dear Rabbi Heber, עמו'ש

We wanted to thank you for all your care with our son. The night before the brit we were very nervous, and you helped to ease that. Thank you for all your reassurance, as doing a brit after 3 weeks is not something that we were prepared for.

The brit was such a moving experience for all who were there. We loved the way you spoke before, braking the ice and creating an eternal moment.

We have never witnessed a Mohel who felt so connected with the baby. We know Aharon Mordechai will always have a deep bond with you. For this we are so grateful.

We wish you all the brachas for you and your family.


Yoel and Yacova G and Aharon Mordechai!

Dear Rabbi Heber,

It was so special having you as our son’s Mohel.

You are exceptionally kind, and your love for every Jew really shows. Your remarkable quality makes you a role-model to us and inspires us!

May H-Shem shower you with his blessings (as you give him much Nachas!) May your family have a sweet, healthy, happy and prosperous New Year.

With best wishes for the New Year,

Baruch & Nachama P. (& Yonatan Gidon!)

Dear Rabbi Heber,

Lynda and I, for the second time, would like to thank you for coming to Pittsfield, Ma. for the circumcision of our second grandson. You again made the occasion a very special and spiritual event, a learning experience for all. We want you to know that baby Ethan still is receiving compliments from the medical community for a job well done.

With much appreciation for everything.

Mark and Lynda L

Dear Rabbi Heber 'שי

It was an honor to have you as the Mohel for our son Gavriel Noachs 'שי bris.

We appreciate your expertise, tremendous patience and the reassurance you gave us. You really care. May you have much success in your Holy work & חסידישע נחת from your children.

!ישר כח

Immanuel & Rochei S.

Dear Hamohel Harav Levi,

We really appreciate you coming in to do our sons Bris. The people of our community loved you as so did we.

We appreciate your patience with every phone call and concern of ours. Looking forward to sharing many more simchas with you. משיח now.

גמר חתימה טובה


Boruch Chaya & Shlomeh S.

Dear Rabbi Heber,

Thanks again for the gentle and caring treatment pre, during and post circumcision. You surely made the entire process easier for me.

Roee is doing great.




Dear Rabbi Heber,

Your Kindness and generosity of spirit has helped to make this day one that will always remain in our hearts. We are so grateful for this little one as he truly represents the love we have for one another, strong and sweet.

Thank you for performing this Mitzvah and for being part of our special day.


Erica & Jay S.

Dear Rabbi Heber,

We want to thank you from the deepest of our hearts for making the Bris. We were so honored to have you as Mendele's Mohel. We're so grateful to you and filled with gratitude for what you have done for us. May G-d repay you tenfold for all your kindness to us.


Pinchos & Devoral Leah and of course Mendel'e M.

Dear Rabbi Heber,

Lynda and I would like to thank you again for coming to Pittsfield to perform the Bris on our grandson. It was an honor to meet you, and have your guidance, expertise, & Spiritual Education, all of which we all benefited from.

Best wishes always.

Mair & Lynda L.

Dear Levi,

We Just wanted to thank you again for making our Simcha really special. So many of our guest came over to tell us how much they enjoyed it & how much they learned from you.

Success in all that you do.

Shmuel Dovid & Tovie R.

Dear Rabbi Heber,

Thank you very much for the wonderful job you did for our son Mendel’s bris. We appreciate how you went above and beyond coming to Staten Island, twice, and the great job you did calming down this new mother.

Thank You

Shmuli and Aidy B

Dear Rabbi Heber:

Thank you for sending us the Bris Certificate for Benjamin. He is a beautiful boy and his Bris was one of the most spiritual moments of my life.

I also have wonderful news to report. My wife and I are expecting another child in August.

Best regards.

Bruce L.

Dear Rabbi Heber 'שי

We want to thank you for shlepping out from NY to do the Bris for our grandson Gavriel Noach K in Roseville, CA

Thank you for the great job & all the effort of traveling.

Aron Dovid & Rochel B.

Dear Rabbi Heber,

"Thank you" for sending the new Bris Certificate. I apologize for taking so long in sending these pictures, but Brady keeps me busy 24/7 as you know. Austin is a wonderful big brother, though, and is so very helpful & loving with the baby.

Again, let me (& on behalf of my whole family) tell you how appreciative I am for both your professionalism & compassion in performing my son's Bris. You were there before, during & after the ceremony to insure that all went well. This in additional to comforting a nervous, emotional Mom as well !!

If I am blessed with another son in the future, I hope that you will grace the family with your services ones again. Until then, I will be sure to recommend you to any "potential clients" !!

Blessings for you & your family & Be Well...


Jill F. & Family

Dear Rabbi L. Heber,

Today is the anniversary of our son's Bris. There are no words to express how deeply we feel indebted to you. You entered our son Menachem Mendel into the Covenant of Israel and it was done with such kindness. We are full of gratitude and so thankful to you.

We really want to thank you from the deepest of our hearts for making the Bris for us.


With Joy & gratefulness

Pinchos & Devoral Leah M.

Dear Levi,

It was a pleasure and an honor to have you as a Mohel in our Chabad House. You did a great job, explaining everything along the way, the parents and the grandparents and everyone else who came were all very impressed.

You were finished before anyone knew it and had the baby dressed and comfortable in no time. It was a tremendous Kiddush Hashem and Kiddush Lubavitch. The parents were very comforted by your offer to come back and check on the baby and very thankful that you left them your cell phone number to contact you in case they had any questions. You were professional, courteous, warm and witty and did an outstanding job in calming the parents and entertaining the family.

May we merit to celebrate many more Simchas together.

Best wishes for a K’siva V’Chasima Tova

Rabbi Ephraim Simon
Executive Director, FoL, Bergen County

Dear Rabbi Heber!

On behalf of all three of us, and our families, I would like to thank you, once again, for the “Bris Milah” you performed in Charlotte, N.C. two month ago. All of us are doing fine and healing well.

As a token of our sincere appreciation, please accept this gift of “menorah”. May God bless you and your family. We hope this gift will not only remind you of the miracle of light, but also of the miracle you performed in Charlotte to the three Russian guys who desperately needed your help. Thank you.

Dmitry (Abraham) B.
Alex (Shlomo) B.
Boris (Boruch) K.

R' Levi

Just want to send you a note of thanks for your unbelievable website, circumcision.net.

As our son was born after 4 girls ka"h, you helped ease us through the preparations, halachas, and Chabad minhagim of our son, Shmuel Leib's bris milah.

From the mamer and zohar for 'vacht nacht' (the pdf was appreciated) to the list of kibbudim at the bris, your website was an invaluable tool throughout the eight days leading up to the simcha.

Again, thank you very much...may we only celebrate simchas...

Avrum & Estie T.
Montreal, Canada