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About Us

Mission statement

To promote, educate and perform so every Jewish child can receive a proper Bris regardless of location or affiliation.

Promote – The Mitzvah of Bris Milah

Educate – Medical & Practical continuous Education for Mohalim.

Perform – Provide the means to Perform the Bris for every Jewish child in need.


The Mitzva of Bris has been impacted by an onslaught of negative media and a lack of knowledge. This has resulted in many unaffiliated Jewish children not receiving a proper Bris or not receiving a Bris at all.

The IBA – Will compile promotional and educational material for media as well as for print. Items such as pamphlets and booklets will be distributed in various languages through the international Shluchim network and Hospital Bekur Cholim groups. Advertisements of Bris services will promote awareness as well as contact to a Mohel.


The professionalism and performance of a Mohel is the key to success. An expert Mohel outperforms, in method and in skill, to the secular circumcision of a physician. A Mohel follows the Halacha requirements adding meaning and blessings to the Bris experience.

The IBA – Will provide the ability to professionally train with continuous education to a network of Mohalim based on the highest standards in Halacha and Medicine. The Bris will be performed utilizing the finest equipment and the latest technology. This training will give the Mohel an advantage with great referrals by participants.


Some use Doctors due to the lack of an accessible Mohel.

The IBA – Will use our extensive network of Mohalim in various communities internationally as well as nationaly. These Mohalim will travel to perform the Bris on every Jewish child in need.