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Adult Circumcision

The Mitzvah of circumcision is primarily to be done on the eighth day from birth. However, in certain circumstances, adult males will require a Bris. This is most common among Jews from the Former Soviet Union who have never been circumcised due to long-standing Communist prohibition of Jewish religious practice.

Adult circumcision is a more involved procedure than infant circumcision and requires particular medical and ritual expertise.

Please use our contact form to inquire about Jewish ritual circumcision for adults.

For Jews of Eastern European origin:

From its inception, F.R.E.E. a non-for-profit organization, has been working fervently to repair the scars caused by the policies of Soviet Russia. F.R.E.E. provides Russian Jewish immigrants an educational insight to this essential Mitzva and offers the opportunity of having a complete ritual circumcision ceremony absolutely free of charge.

F.R.E.E. arranges the logistics, addresses questions and concerns, provides courtesy transport to the hospital where an expert mohel performs a state-of-the-art, professional, painless procedure with local anesthesia and little to no after-effect. At the circumcision ceremony all necessary prayers are said and a Hebrew name is given.

Over 13,770 Russian Jewish immigrants of all ages have requested and received proper circumcision over the years, strengthening the relationship to their heritage through this essential mitzva.

Our ancestor Abraham was circumcised at age 99. In part, this teaches us that no Jew should be left out of this mitzvah, regardless of age. Each Jew that takes advantage of F.R.E.E.’s circumcision program forms another link in a 4,000 year-old chain of commitment to Judaism’s higher calling.

For more information, to schedule a Bris, or to have the merit of being a Sandek, please call F.R.E.E. Headquarters at (718) 467-0860.